by Luke Simpson

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released January 15, 2013

Background vocal on tracks 1, 2, 4, & 5 by Jessie Aron
Background vocal on track 6 by Allie Andrews
Tambourine and shaker on track 2 by Aaron Sternke
Recorded and mixed by Aaron Sternke
Additional tracks on "Archetype" recorded by Luke Simpson
Produced by Luke Simpson and Aaron Sternke
Thanks to Mike Hohnholz for the guitar borrow
Thank you Aaron



all rights reserved


Luke Simpson Lansing, Michigan

Luke's mom taught him piano, then his dad taught him drums and guitar. His first public performance was playing cowbell in the church band. He is currently a real, live night nurse and needs more money so he can buy a new computer and record more music. ... more

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Track Name: Archetype
You are my most favorite girl
You are my best friend in the world
It's really a shame, you only exist inside my head
An idle ideal, I'm in love with an archetype

Lady, dear, you're all I have
The iconoclast is running late

La da da…

We walked on the beach, had a magical time
I practice my speech, she practices mime
Silent as snow, back to double zero once again
Smothered in white, a parody of holiness

You're so pure, it makes me sick
Static, and just the same as me

La da da…

Through the glass now, darkened window
Smearing the pane, but I never get a peek

Fact and fiction, magic portal
Shatter the glass, just show me how it works
Just show me how it works
Sounds so simple using words
But can you fix it when it hurts?

La da da…
Track Name: Amelie
Amelie, Amelie, she’s going back to Germany
On Saturday, she’ll fly away, and now this sunny sky feels gray
So Amelie, here’s to thee, and to your flight across the sea
May you be blessed, may you find rest, we wish and pray you all the best

Amelie, Amelie, like the verse of poetry
Hear the chime, wedge the lime, the meaning comes to you in time
Amelie, you are free, to be all you’re meant to be
So write a verse, and sing a song, we’re gonna miss you when you’re gone


Amelie, Amelie, give my best to Germany
May our paths cross again, you’ll be in His arms till then
Another time, a different rhyme, a little higher on the climb
So have no fear, and have no shame, trust in Him who spoke your name


In every place, look to His face
He’ll lead you home, where’er you roam

Track Name: Between the Lines
Is a complicated word
It has several different meanings

I think it's fair to say
That there's at least one way that I love you

Have been good friends for a while
You're one of my favorite people

It's in between the lines
But you're on my mind
Exactly how, I don't know
But I know I love you

The world
Is a complicated place
It can pull you in a thousand directions

When I see your face
I know that I am right where I'm supposed to be

It's in between the lines
Wish I could read your mind
Exactly how, who can tell
But I know I love you

I love you (several different meanings)
Track Name: Upside Down
Little, little baby in your momma's shopping cart
Can't you see you're holding that cell phone upside down?

Grumpy, grumpy grown-up in the cranky, crabby world
Can't you see that you're living life upside down?
Track Name: Daughter of the King
Among the mountains there grows
A sweet Texas rose
A butterfly in the sun
Where the rainbows run

And when the clouds fill the skies
And the tears fill her eyes
She still knows just who she is
That she’s loved and she is His

Daughter of the King
Pure dove, take to wing
The promise shines in the rain
Truth comes through the pain

One day a storm came along
So I wrote you this song
And when the sky’s looking gray
I hope that you’ll hear me say

That your Caretaker knows
Just how the wind blows
He knows everything
And He’ll help your heart to sing

Daughter of the King
Pure dove, take to wing
The promise shines in the rain
Truth comes through the pain

You are His child
You make Him smile
In each new start
He cares for your heart

Daughter of the King
Pure dove, take to wing
The promise shines in the rain
Truth comes through the pain

Daughter of the King
Track Name: I Am a Bird
I am a bird, yes I am
I spread my wings, yes I can
I ride the air, anywhere
I am a bird, yes I am

From way up here the world looks small
And big, and geometrical
I'd like to stay up here by myself
But I am too tired, and I'm just a bird

I am a leaf, yes I am
I shade the sun, yes I can
I ride the wind, in the fall
I am a leaf, yes I am

On my way down I spin around
And let out one last sigh
My flight does not last very long, oh well
My landing is soft, cause I'm just a leaf


I am a man, yes I am
I cannot fly, no I can't
I'm just a man, yes ma'am